Dimensions - determine dimenstions of a (hyper-rectangular) SLI array
[array] Dimensions -> [d1 d2 ... dn]  
SLI ] [1 2 3] Dimensions -> [3]
SLI ] [[1 2 3] [4 5 6]] Dimensions -> [2 3]
SLI ] [[[1 2][3 4]][[5 6][7 8]]] Dimensions -> [2 2 2]

Dimensions corresponds to the Mathematica function of
the same name. It takes a sli array and returns a list with
dimensions [d1 d2 ... dn] where di gives the dimension of the
array at level i.
The length of the dimensions-list corresponds to the TensorRank of
the array.
Dimensions assumes that the array is hyper-rectangular  
(rectangle,cuboid, ...), i.e., all subarrays at a given level
have the same number of elements.
Dimensions does not check, if the array really is hyper-rectangular. It
will not fail if this is not the case. Instead, the dimensions
that are returned correspond to the number of elements of the
first subarray in each level.

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