ofsopen - Open an existing file for appending or writing.
(name) (mode) ofsopen -> ofstreamhandle true  
-> false
Open the named file according to the access mode. If the file
is not existing, it will be created in the current working directory.
If the file does exists, the access mode decides whether the file will
be overwritten (w) or whether the new data will be appended (a).
If successful an ofstream handle object and the boolean true is returned.
In case of failure, only the boolean
false is returned. This function provides a direct interface to the
C++ ofstream constructor. SLI's search path mechanism is not used.
(name)	- name of the file.  
(mode) - string with either (w) or (a) to identify
the access mode. (w) corresponds to writing
and (a) to appending.
commented 26.3.1999, Diesmann  
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