Command: kernel


Global properties of the simulation kernel.


The following parameters are available in the kernel status dictionary.

Time and resolution
resolution doubletype - The resolution of the simulation (in ms)
time doubletype - The current simulation time
to_do integertype - The number of steps yet to be simulated (read only)
max_delay doubletype - The maximum delay in the network
min_delay doubletype - The minimum delay in the network
ms_per_tic doubletype - The number of milliseconds per tic
tics_per_ms doubletype - The number of tics per millisecond
tics_per_step integertype - The number of tics per simulation time step
T_max doubletype - The largest representable time value (read only)
T_min doubletype - The smallest representable time value (read only)

Parallel processing
total_num_virtual_procs integertype - The total number of virtual processes
local_num_threads integertype - The local number of threads
num_processes integertype - The number of MPI processes (read only)
num_rec_processes integertype - The number of MPI processes reserved for recording spikes
num_sim_processes integertype - The number of MPI processes reserved for simulating neurons
off_grid_spiking booltype - Whether to transmit precise spike times in MPI
communication (read only)

Random number generators
grng_seed integertype - Seed for global random number generator used
synchronously by all virtual processes to
create e.g. fixed fan-out connections
(write only).
rng_seeds arraytype - Seeds for the per-virtual-process random
number generators used for most purposes.
Array with one integer per virtual process
all must be unique and differ from
grng_seed (write only).

data_path stringtype - A path where all data is written to
(default is the current directory)
data_prefix stringtype - A common prefix for all data files
overwrite_files booltype - Whether to overwrite existing data files
print_time booltype - Whether to print progress information during the simulation

Network information
network_size integertype - The number of nodes in the network (read only)
num_connections integertype - The number of connections in the network
(read only local only)

dict_miss_is_error booltype - Whether missed dictionary entries are treated as errors
prelim_tol doubletype - Tolerance of prelim iterations
prelim_interpolation_order integertype - Interpolation order of polynomial used in prelim